We carried on up over a couple passes..

This is were things got real, Gnarly!

The snow had covered the entire valley leaving the trail underneath a thick white blanket. For the most part we had no idea where the trail was! For almost 10-12 miles we guessed were the trail and the pass was.

Trekking in snow regularly up to the knee and occasionally hip deep.

There were some very real moments that hit you.. hard..making you realize how vulnerable you are, how remote and isolated we actually are.

You stay focused and strong mentally, you don't allow the negative thoughts or consequences creep in and take over. You just push through the pain, the wet freezing feet, the onset of frost-bite and keep moving!

After about a week of hiking..our food packs are dwindling and it's time to resupply. Due to being late in the season all the resupply locations are shut down for the year.

We decide to get out at Kearsarge Pass
A one way: 
-8 mile hike out of the way through the snow -then about a 50 mile hitch hike into Bishop *Then repeated all the way back just to get to the trail we left from..

We were very fortunate and had some great rides with awesome people.

Next we made our way up over Forrester Pass on route to climb Mount Whitney.

I am so fortunate to be able to share this experience with my brother Les!

Miss Bell & Powers + a grade two class has been following my journey. 
Along with hand written notes, the studentsmade me a wristband:
Which I put on and wore all the way up to the Summit of Mount Whitney. 
The highest peak in the continental USA at 14,494ft. 

I haven't taken it off since!!