Image Source: Imgur

Image Source: Imgur

After the John Muir trail and summiting Mt. Whitney, the trail tests you mentally and physically once again..

Through the High Sierra's it's the law to carry a bear canister for your food. This eliminates the scent of food to the predators.. It weighs about 2.7 lbs and you look forward to dropping it off once through this area.

I sold my bear canister and due to dry areas without water the weight is immediately replaced with extra water reserves at times carrying two days worth of water resulting in a very heavy pack!

The people disappear on the trail, the the views while still beautiful are somewhat dull in comparison. The landscape slowly transitions to mountainous desert.

Isolation once again...

Then, this happens, as I approach Lake Isabella and further south to Tehachapi area the weather turns and mass amounts of rain storm in. Last minute I see a warning come in:
(In bold red lettering highlighted in yellow)

10/15/15 : Torrential rains and flash foods in the Tehachapi, CA area & Lake Elizabeth, CA
10/14/15 have washed out portions of the PCT and the roads in that area.

Hitching into Tehachapi or Mojave on Hwy 58 could be problematic as the highway is closed between SR202 (just west of Tehachapi) and SR14 (Mojave, CA area) due
to a monster mudslide that put Hwy 58 under 4 ft of mud. 

The PCT crosses Hwy 58 right between these roads so you will have to walk quite a ways to get to Tehachapi or Mojave. There is no expected date for the reopening of Hwy 58. 
Mudslides have also affected Elizabeth Lake Road 

I arrived at highway 58 to a monster landslide that closed the entire interstate right in front of me...

The trail was washed out and mud everywhere! 
Over 160 cars were washed away with this landslide!!

There were massive excavators and convoys of large haulage trucks removing water and mud..

The trail was completely covered and I had no choice but to walk through a mass clean up of excavators and dump trucks along the windy highway towards Tehachapi, CA.

Some one called the cops on me. When the officer showed up, he was very angry and verbal and about to arrest me. He even frisked me for weapons etc.

In the end.. (once he let me speak) he was so interested in what I was doing. He drove me 10 miles into town, dropped me off, shook my hand and donated to the charity/mission! :)

Thanks officer!

- Ike