Coming out of Tehachapi (the massive mudslide area)
I met up with three Oklahoman's whom I hiked with for about 1.5 days.

Leaving the highway trail-head we could not find the trail..
We hiked up a steep winding gully for about two hours before reconnecting with the actual trail. This gully was washed out with left over debris- bushes, tree limbs and rocks.

As I moved on further the landscape and weather changes becoming flatter, dryer and hotter.
At times I would hike for a day without seeing a single tree or finding any shade.

For days on end, I hike alone through wind farms, desert, and back into the mountains.

Next, I reach a section which possesses the poodle-dog bush, which can hospitalize you with poison oak like symptoms..

The bush flourishes after fires, especially in the burnt sections.
Luckily, I met a caretaker high up at a ranger station who was closing down the building for the year and he showed me what it looked like. 

I hiked through a section that was closed due to a fire and this poodle-dog bush. 
And it was everywhere! 

I am trying to complete the trail as purely as I can. So I pulled out my dance moves and maneuver through some thick trail covered sections of the closure.

Just before dark, I approach the trail-head and see an old pick-up truck leaving.

I let out a whistle and run down.
I jump in the back of a pick-up and we zip down into Wrightwood.
He drops me off at the grocery store.

While I am in the store the girls are really friendly and introduce me to Jeff a retired school principal who ends up putting me up for the night.