The next section is very hot and dry but offers some great views of an unexpected lake reservoir. I even come across some natural hot springs!


This section gives me some time to think..
At a trail registry I write:

Less than 450 miles to go!
What does that mean to you?

Think about who you were when you started this hike.. and think about who you've become..

Remember all the great times, the wildlife and the landscapes we've encountered.
The hard times and the obstacles we've overcome.

Think about were you'll be when your done.

Now cherish the rest of your trip!!
Every last step...

SOBO 2015

Recently I've thought a lot about being out here..
The aspects I like the most:

The Truth:

Life on the trail is beautiful & harsh at the same time..
I live for glowing sunrises and sunsets,
Mother nature gives me her best and her worst.

I live through the hot sun, through the cold snowy nights,
The warm summers breeze and the vicious wind storms.

I've spent a week without real sunlight and weeks with nothing but blaring sun,

I've been through snow storms & ice storms,
Wind storms & lightning storms,

But one thing is certain,

Mother nature is real,
It's powerful,
It's beautiful,

And I endure it all,

Life on the trail is simple,
I have very few possessions,
Yet, I am the happiest and content I've been..