Last night I arrived into Whites Pass, WA.

Recharged my phone & camera over a late afternoon meal. I resupplied with food and fuel and decided to head right back out on the trail at about 6:30pm

I pushed it close to dark and could not get a campsite, so I continued on up to high elevation where there was one site that was very exposed. 
I didn't like the spot but had no choice...            
I finished setting up in the dark as overcast clouds quickly rolled in and just about blew me off the mountain.  
With the rattling of the tent, I was lucky if I got 1 hr of sleep...

I headed off bright and early in the morning. As the mist slowly vanished from the peaks it revealed a welcoming warm and vibrant sun.

The views were incredible up around goat rocks..

On my way out late afternoon I stopped at a picturesque waterfall/creek around 5:00pm for some water.
In the middle of the creek/waterfall was a massive boulder.
I climbed across and upon it, where I set up my backpack like a recliner. 
I fired up my tiny stove, cooked dinner and enjoyed a hot tea as I overlooked this endless valley view ahead.

I was enjoying the view from my throne so much that it took me 20 minutes to realize that over my right shoulder.. I was accompanied by 63 furry white mountain goats..

Quite the view!


White Pass, WA.