I arrived in Seattle had a few supplies and gear to finalize. I took about 12 buses from Seattle and to my final bus last one to Concrete, WA 


From here, I hitch-hiked to Mazama had lunch and then hitchhiked up an old single lane logging road up the side of mountains.
Then I started on foot 35+ miles back into Canada to officially start the adventure.

In a little over a week I ran into a forest fire, ran out of food & ran out of water and had to melt snow to drink.
Thus far I have experienced a remarkable and humbling Washington.

The first 4 days were stunningly sunny and hot. 
Next a freak cold/wet front came through at high elevation that left us absolutely drenched and chilled for 4-5 days. 
The final day we had enough, we woke up shortly after 4:00am and hiked 24miles into a small town of Skykomish. 
We crashed in a backpackers garage, dried out our clothes & gear. We resupplied and will resume first thing tomorrow morning.

I am quickly reminded of two of simple life lessons nature offers.

1. The power and beauty of nature
2. The fact that we can't control everything, though we can control our reaction to it

Every day I am hiking for the most part 20+ miles with a couple over 30 miles. 
Close to a marathon a day with a 35lb pack up and down mountains.

Initially it takes a toll on your feet, your knees and joints.. My feet are beat up, swollen and blistered and my shoes already don't fit.

With this cold relentless rain, it makes you want to stay in your tent, or leave and go to the comfort of your own bed.
We don't have that luxury out here. 
If we stay in the tent, we will run out of food, and you can't get out because we are 70 miles into a 107 mile section hike.
This makes you suck it up lace up your soggy shoes and persevere. 
Pushing you physically & mentally.. Especially through difficult times.
This is the kinda life lessons that transfer over into everyday life, relationships and hard times.

It also shows us how powerful mother nature is and just how small we are.

I walked through giant hemlock forests where thousands of trees were knocked down.
Some of them well over 600 yrs old.

In the midst of this miserable, chillingly wet weather you can still find beauty.
We come off a mountain and wind our way through a forest.. the path is lit up by emerald green moss, the creeks glisten with their surrounding fauna that comes alive in this weather..

We can choose what we focus on...

Happy Trails

- Ike