Everyone has a different philosophy,  different speed, different nutritional needs, and different ways their body responds to the terrain.

I have tried a few different approaches and this is were I am at currently.

I usually wake up around 5:30am
Pack up my tent and belongings. 
I usually have homemade granola/oats with a few goodies for flavour and energy.

Unless I am somewhere amazing..
I try to be hiking by 7:00am
Usually, I hike for about 13hrs straight
minus a couple stops for food and to filter water.

I like to camp near a water source for a couple reasons:

a) Scenery: Yesterday I was up before anyone on the lake. I was filtering my own water just as the sun was coming up..
Two Does and their young fawns came out for a drink.. I was leaned up against a tree and just sat back and admired them..

b) Hydration: You are usually dehydrated by the end of the day. I need water for both dinner and breakfast. This way I can also have a small reserve to carry on in the morning.

I will look at my maps and try to make a basic plan as to were I will hike to find the best water source that can fuel me to the next. Carrying enough water to the next source without stopping too frequently or carrying too much weight.

The only issue can be if a water source is bad or seasonal stream or creeks marked on the map have dried up. So far the water sources have been abundant.. The longest stretches maybe 15-20 miles.

I will snack on throughout the day..
Trail mix, bars and peanut butter wraps etc.

I now try to eat an early dinner
Which usually consists of a protein and a carb. Protein usually being a pack of tuna/salmon or sardines along with a dehydrated pasta or potato. Luxury would be a quinoa or couscous mix.

The goal is to get the most amount of calories while maintaining the least amount of weight and preparation.
This often results in very dull, boring food..
My body craves fruit and protein which don't travel well.

Usually by the time you come to a trail head your food pack is empty!