The first part of Oregon was great!

I came to Eagle Creek an area where water flows down a gorge which consists of a calaboration of water falls and inviting swimming holes.. 

I spent a couple hours here swimming, cliff diving and taking pictures..
Up ahead is a waterfall that you can walk behind.

As I moved on up the trail, I set my camera down for a brief moment. Out of nowhere two hikers came around the corner.

I looked down and all I saw was my eye cup..

(deep breath)

I look down the gorge and I see what might resemble a lens cap..

I venture down to the cap and make out what appears to be a camera near the bottom.

I scale down just about killing myself in the process.

My camera display and lens are smashed.. But managed to salvage the pictures.

This absolutely gutted me! I had a beauty, light weight mirrorless 24.3 mega pixel camera at about $1200 that lasted me 3 weeks.

At this point..
The adrenaline kicks in and rather than get mad with anyone, I release my frustration in the form of physical exertion.

I hike on with 3 consecutive days well over 30 miles each day..

I arrive at a pass beat up, tired, dirty, dusty and starving!

I get a hitch into a town called Sisters.
I walk in and pick up a few groceries for lunch etc.
While up at the till the cashier asks about my travels..
She tells me the total (around $30)
As I pull out my money..

A gentleman quickly hands her the balance and picks up my grocery bill.

It turns out that a girl hiker was helicopteredoff the trail and ended up staying with Rick and his wife for a couple weeks while she healed up.
He had a real positive experience with this hiker that he wanted to pay it forward to me..
Thanks Rick!

From Sisters I hitch-hiked into Bend.
I went to a Trader Joe's to resupply with food and while I was in there. A lady walks up to me, smiles and says 'you look like a weary thru-hiker.. can I give you a ride back to Sisters'

I thanked her.. but mentioned that I needed to finish up and then had to make my way over to the camera store..

She said:

'No problem, I'll drive you..I will be outside in the Grey Mercedes-Benz'

She proceeded to drive me back to Sisters, show me the post office, and drop me off at the campground. This is the kind of generosity I was speaking of in my last blog..
It lifts your spirits!

Thank you Sisters and the generous people who reside there! You have no idea how much these acts of kindness mean to thru-hikers!

The past two days were spent hiking through black volcanic lava rock with fabulous views of the Sisters, Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood extending North.

There are forest fires near Crater Lake.
It will be interesting to find out what lies ahead. ..