Today I crossed the border of Oregon into California.

Within a mile of the sign I was greeted by a rambling herd of 20-30 elk.

Crossing into California, I was filled with mixed emotions..
Mostly great!

It felt like another big milestone completed which pumped me up.
It also humbled me as to know the size and terrain of California yet to come.

Looking back on Oregon:

  • Generocity.
  • Fast.
  • Flat.
  • Fires!

Two acts of 'trail magic' occurred:

#1. A very nice couple Gary & Tabitha picked me up Hitch-hiking. 
On route they decided to duck into there home. They offered for me to use there shower (which I desperately needed!!) When I came out, they had cooked a pizza and made a salad for me. They then proceeded to drop me off at my destination!

#2. I met 3 retired school teachers that gave me a ride into Bend, OR. 
They took me to REI and then the grocery store. Then drove me all the way back to the trail.
Due to the size of Bend, I wanted to ship a box ahead to an isolated pick up location a couple hundred miles ahead. 

One of them stated that she would ship it for me. I was a little reluctant as it was my food rations for days. Though it would save me time and money, plus you learn to trust your instincts.

About a week+ down the trail I came to this tiny pick up location. There was currently a major drought, causing the lake to dry up and close down everything in the area. I tracked down a girl that helped run the place. They were missing my package! She hopped in her truck and drives off.

About 15 minutes later she returns, hops out with a box under her arm.

When I open it. There's something different...

There's a hand written card, on the front is written:

Ike - 
ps. Box wasn't quite full. 
I live near Trader Joe's (health food / bulk store) so added a few more things. 
Sorry if making pack too heavy- you can eat or share!!  

Inside is three hand written messages and a personal gift!

Thank you Grace, Al & Sharon!

For the past week, I have been hiking through haze, smoke filled skies from the Crater Lake fire.

We squeaked through the fires in Washington before they shut down massive sections and now had to do some minor detours around the Crater Lake fire.

I back tracked- back up towards to closed North Entrance and was able to hike the entire Rim Trail South into Mazama. Many people were skipping this section all together because of the fire & closed access north of Crater Lake, thus missing some smokey yet tremendous views..

- Ike