The last two sections despite the animal encounters have mentally been tougher! 
I have to admit. 

Whenever I go through these tougher times, I always recognize the thought, acknowledge it and replace it with something more positive or empowering.

In these times, I will start with gratitude and think of everything I am thankful for.
I will think about how fortunate I am to see this incredible landscape and all the adventures that have come my way. 
How thankful I am for my family, my parents and my awesome brothers. 
How thankful I am for the wonderful people in my life.              
For my health, my body and my physical endurance. 

This mind shift is so powerful and totally changes my mood, my outlook and my energy!

As I cross the Sierra County the landscape begins to change. I notice the the mountain peaks begin to reveal their white granite sides. Lakes are peppered throughout the rock which are very appealing to the eye..

I get excited at the thought of the High Sierra's which is in the near future (some of the best scenery in North America)

Sierra City (actually a tiny village)

I arrive in the village around lunch time, first stop is a chicken breast sandwich. Next, I immediately head down the street to the country store to tackle the "gut buster' 1lb legendary burger.
I finish this undertaking, pick up food rations and pack up to hit the trail. I look up and notice thick smoke and fire coming from behind the store. I run in and tell the owner to call the Fire Department and run for the nearest garden hose. We pull a number of them from near by houses connecting various lengths to reach the fire.
During the process, I noticed some boxes and began moving them away from water and smoke to salvage them. Shortly a few of the communities civilians are joining in with the work. (It's awesome to see how quickly small communities come together in a time of need or crisis.)
It turns out the owner of the store had boxed up hundreds of books and was about to donate them to the local library.
After about 2 hrs of fire and salvage, I had a shower in the public washroom to remove the smoke smell and returned to the store for one quick meal before I headed back on the trail.

As I ordered my food. The lady asked if I wanted an old fashioned milkshake. I politely said no thanks. She looked at me and said, "I think you should have a milkshake with your burger" 
(I looked at her with a smile and questionable look)...

She then replied, "Larry (the owner) said what every you want is free.. so what kind of milkshake do you want with your extra large grilled chicken breast sandwich?" 

Back on trail:

I see a sign marked: Entering Desolation Wilderness - this was one of the favourite areas I have been through to date!

I will let the pictures explain....

- Ike