he who conquers endures

On July 16, 2015, Isaac Selby set out on a 4240 km trek from Canada to Mexico to make a difference in the lives of children in one of Haiti's most impoverished areas, Grande Goave. The trek along the Pacific Coast Trail is grueling and extreme, but extreme causes need extreme action.

After several mission trips with Hope Grows Haiti, Ike understands the need to make a difference is crucial. Hope Grows Haiti funds and operates five schools in the mountains of Grande Goave, but there isn't a school in the central area. 


In addition to a couple trips to Haiti with Hope Grows, Ike has competed in outdoor adventure races, is an Ironman triathlete and  has hiked throughout California, Australia, S.E Asia and amongst the volcanoes of Indonesia. 

Since a young age I have always had a passion for outdoor adventure, for challenges, for pushing myself both physically and mentally

The Pacific Crest Trail is a bucket-list worthy destination. But this time it's more than just a notch on the belt, it was chosen for good reason - it's a symbol of the struggles being faced every day by Haiti's children. In setting out to tackle these issues, an organization like Hope Grows encounters challenges and road blocks in their efforts, but maintaining the passion keeps them focused.

The passion for bettering the lives of Haiti's children is the fuel of this trek. 

I’m well aware of the challenges, but I’m pumped!

Although Ike is going it alone, he realizes these issues are bigger than one person. Donations are graciously accepted through Hope Grows Haiti. 


Supporting the forgotten area of Grande Goave

Hope Grows Haiti is presently funding and operating 5 schools in Grand Goave.  When they arrived 6 years ago the schools had been closed and the children had no education available to them.  We are now providing education and hope to more than 750 students through our school sponsorship program.

"We're so excited to support our friend Ike Selby as he embarks on an amazing fundraising mission that will take him more than 4,000 kilometres on foot to complete." 


We were all given special talents, abilities & gifts in life. I believe it is our responsibility to use them to help others.To pass on our blessings for the benefit of others in need.
— Ike Selby

The goal is simple: $40,000

It's a big number, but it will build much needed school construction in central Grande Goave. Make quality education accessible in one of Haiti's most impoverished areas